Safety & Environmental notes

All hardware offered by DigitalRooster, especially the extension board is a module without independent function, and is exclusively intended for development or education purposes under laboratory conditions. They are not intended for people who have no training and experience in the field. For use or operation specialist knowledge and training is required. Please observe safety instructions and regulations that apply in your country.

General electronics precautions

I assume you are an expert and are knowledgeable in precautionary measures for handling electronics and dealing with electrical circuits. Observe the rules and guidelines you learned!

Just to remind you: - Short circuits can create heat and may lead to fire or injury. Make sure your assembly is clean and does not have unintended solder bridges! - Only use components within specifications! - Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) may damage or destroy your components and circuits - Electronic circuits may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) in other devices. Take appropriate measures such as shielding. Don’t operate the circuits next to sensitive devices e.g. medical equipment. - Unregulated power sources have voltage spikes and can cause damage to your equipment! - Capacitors and inductors store energy! Even if your circuit is disconnected, be careful, these components may still have charge that can damage your delicate components or hurt - Disconnecting an inductor during load causes the voltage to rise an may cause sparks - Soldering irons are hot and may cause injuries. Soldering fumes are hazardous, only solder in a well ventilated room or use an exhaust. - Electronic components, solder, solder flux, iso-propanol and other chemicals are poisonous and not to be ingested. Do not eat or drink while working with these substances!

Environmental concerns and disposal

Electronics contain rare and hazardous materials. Even if your PCB is just a few grams and the PCB only uses ROHS components it does not mean it is bio-degradable! Electronic waste is a global problem, it contaminates groundwater and the food chain. Do not dispose printed circuit boards, batteries, electronic components in household trash or unsorted municipal landfills. Do not burn the electronics. Please bring your waste to special collection points, you can find them at retail stores or ask your local waste disposal utility.

If you do not have the possibility to safely dispose the assembly you can send the components purchased from back with sufficient postage paid to: > Thomas Ruschival
> Hindenburgstr. 160
> 73730 Esslingen
> Germany