How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to DigitalRoosterGui for everyone and all skills and skill levels. From UI Design to Linux graphics drivers, QT/C++ code to webui with JS/HTML5 for configuration. If you don’t like programming, file a bug or feature request, write documentation, design a extension circuit board or nicer case. There are many opportunities for everyone to contribute - The project needs you!

  • File a Bug
  • File a feature request
  • Submit code for a feature or bugfix
  • Make this ugly website look professional
  • Modify code
  • write documentation
  • write tests
  • port it to other hardware
  • add your own program to run on the DigitalRooster system
  • … make the thing better

Contributing to existing code

The easiest way to contribute is to create a github pullrequest against the develop branch of the subprojects.

It is a good idea to open an issue in the respective project beforehand to share the idea.

If it is C++ Code make sure it is formatted using the .clang-format file of the repository. Make sure the code has test-cases and doesn’t break existing test-cases. The code will be reviewed and analyzed. If it meets the quality and is appropriate it will be merged.

Make sure the code you contribute is 100% your orginal work and you have the right and will to publish it under DigitalRoosters license GPLv3.

In other words:

  • Don’t steal code from your friends and pretend it’s yours - that’s unethical
  • Don’t copy-paste/steal proprietary (patented) code from your company - that’s illegal
  • If you write code for DigitalRooster on your employers time make sure the company is o.k. with your work being ‘highly contageous’ GPLv3 copyleft code.

Create new projects

Buildroot is modular by design. If you have software that should run on the DigitalRooster system you can easily add a package.

If you have schematics or designs contact DigitalRooster or make a pull-request against this file to create a link to your project.