Travis updated Docker and broke my build :(

I took up working on DigitalRooster Gui last week, minor fixes, some QML stuff really nothing big. No new features, no Changes to CMakeLists.txt no changes to QT resources, no changes to the docker containers, no changes in travis.yml. When pushing to github I got an email that the build is broken. Since the build environment was stable I assumed a glitch - retriggered the build but it was still broken.

Somehow RCC (the QT resource compiler) couldn’t find files

AutoRcc subprocess error

The rcc process failed to compile

/usr/lib/qt5/bin/rcc -name external -o /tmp/build/qtgui/DigitalRoosterGui_autogen/2547SMW2VG/qrc_external.cpp /tmp/checkout/qtgui/externalRes/external.qrc
RCC: Error in '/tmp/checkout/qtgui/externalRes/external.qrc': Cannot find file 'IconButton.qml'

Time to dig in I ran the same build locally as newly created user, I ran it in the docker build containers I use on travis. I double checked the versions of libraries and QT I replayed every single step an could not reproduce it…. Whiskey Tango Foxtrott !?!

There was an issue when I started using docker, I recalled I also had problems with RCC. It is due to missing statx() system call. This can be fixed running docker --privileged. This fix also worked for my current problem

Apparently Travis has updated the images and the images changed the Docker Version from 17.09.0-ce to 18.06.0-ce - on a vintage Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 ?!?

Thanks alot. If you run VM images from 2016 please keep them stable and do not update packages to new major version.